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Here at NBXGeeks, the technology we love is the NBX Business Phone system from 3Com Corporation. And our passion is providing Tech Support for the NBX Phone System.

We have sold and supported NBX phone systems for over 20 years – since 1999. NBXGeeks.com is a division of InPath and InPath was the largest NBX reseller in the world. InPath sold and supported over 5000 NBX systems all over the United States and on every continent in the world (except Antarctica).

In 2007 Hewlett Packard bought the NBX Phone Division when they acquired 3Com Corporation. In 2012 they discontinued all support for the NBX. Since then we have been supporting NBX Phone Systems all by ourselves – without any support from the mothership. We have 4 NBX techs on staff including a 3rd level tech who used to work for Hewlett Packard supporting NBX. A 3rd level tech is the highest-ranked tech. After that, you have to talk to an engineer. We continue to provide the best Tech Support for NBX Phone Systems in the world.

We also sell renewed VCX equipment including, phones, call processors, line cards, and spare parts (like power supplies). And we still sell all VCX licenses.

Tailored tech support
for you

During the call, we use secure remote login technology to solve your problems, including troubleshooting systems, device configuration, cybersecurity implementation, and traffic optimization.


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NBXGeeks are exceptional at what they do…

They installed an efficient and user-friendly phone system in our synagogue. They listened to our needs and has provided a phenomenal product with excellent responsive support (you will speak to a real live human who knows what they're doing!).
I highly recommend NBXGeeks.